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The performance not to be missed is Phare , The Cambodian Circus. There are specific ways you can help support Cambodia’s arts and culture. Today there are many initiatives underway to recover and revitalize Cambodia’s music, sculpting, craft-making, dance, theatre, literature, martial arts, and cuisine.

Cambodia’s cultural heritage was all but lost under the Khmer Rouge. You can probably get away with holding hands, though, when you first arrive and are nervous about crossing the chaotic streets. Public displays of affection — even hand-holding or putting your arm around someone — can offend and embarrass Cambodians.

And when you’re out in public seeing the sights of Cambodia, keep your hands to yourself. Every time a scam is thwarted, it helps direct Cambodians to more honest ways to earn a living. Often the scammer is a victim too.

Tourists aren’t the only victims of scams and avoiding a scam doesn’t just protect you. Children are especially hard to ignore, and scammers know this. Seeing Cambodia’s poverty and knowing its recent history, travellers are inspired to help.

Then they ask you to buy their postcards or gum, usually claiming it’s to help pay school fees. Kids also approach tourists guessing where you’re from and spouting off an impressive list of facts about your country. While a few jobs are created for people who speak English, when you volunteer you could be taking away work that local people could do for a living wage.

The infrastructure to make westerners comfortable — a western toilet, a website, advance scheduling and communication, an English-speaking resource person, signage in English, air conditioning or fans, availability of drinks and lunch — are costly. When volunteering at any organization, consider whether the resources required to train you are better spent directly on the people in need. Cambodians will appreciate it if you keep covered from shoulder to knee whenever you’re away from the pool or beach.

Angkor officials restrict entry into the most popular temples unless your knees, shoulders and tops of your arms are covered. Sure, take photos, but otherwise behave much as you would in a church: keep your voice down and dress respectfully. Post-traumatic stress syndrome was rampant, but luxuries like diagnosis and treatment did not exist.

After the Khmer Rouge fell, Cambodians focussed on growing and finding food and on looking for members of their families. Crimes against humanity are still being tried in Cambodian courts. While the Khmer Rouge’s regime ended in 1979, they maintained control of many parts of Cambodia until at least 1996.

Angkor Beer is the most well-known beer in Cambodia with prices varying from around $1 for a glass How to travel safe in Cambodia (https://cambodiatravel.co/cambodia-information/tips-safe-trip-cambodia.html) around $2. Palm wine is popular in rural areas and tends to be very strong. The country is filled with lively markets and plenty of street vendors meaning you have plenty of opportunity to try all the delicious cuisine. Rice is a staple, served at pretty much every meal and may come with curries, stews and freshwater fish.